Dog Behaviour 


Does your dog have any of the following behaviour problems?

Excessive barking

Pulling on the lead


Chewing furniture

Separation anxiety

We’re here to help with all your training and canine behavioural problems. We also offer home boarding while you’re away with optional residential training and behaviour work available too.

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About Gary Roberts & Dog Behaviour Cornwall

“Master trainer” with “The Guild of Dog Trainers”. Gary has helped 100’s of dogs and owners. We use a combination of the latest science based learning methods and good old fashioned dog trainers tricks proven over decades to give you and your dog the best possible chance of the result that you want.

What We Do

Behaviour Modification

 We deal with everything from simple obedience issues, through to severe aggression, phobias and anxiety. Whatever the problem, we have the knowledge and hands on experience to help you deal with it.

Group Obedience Classes

Puppy Consultation

The first few months are a vital time in your dogs life. Get it right from the start and you give yourself the very best chance of a stress free & enjoyable 10 to 15 years with your new best friend.

Introduction To Tricks

Training your dog to perform tricks is great fun and your dog will love every minute of it. Includes instruction on using the clicker, target training and much more.

One To One Obedience

If you have no major behavioural problems and just want to teach your dog the basics, this is ideal. We can cover such as recall, walking to heal and all the basic commands you need.

Dog Behaviour Cornwall

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Most experienced dog owners are familiar with common dog behaviour problems, but some may wonder why dogs exhibit these behaviours. Barking, biting, chewing and many other common dog behaviours are often misunderstood and mishandled by dog owners.

Customer Reviews

Dog Behaviour Cornwall have 5 star reviews on our google business page and our Facebook page. 

Chrissy Richard

14 November 2022

Gary turned our Spanish street German shepherd from a crazy incontrovertible wild animal into a much better dog to walk.

Still lots of work but getting there.

Well recommend.

Thank you Gary

James Thomas

12 January 2022

I had an 2 hour session with Gary, he has an amazing way dogs and people, I learnt a lot from him in such a short time, I would definitely recommend him.

Allison Craggs

8 February 2019

Obviously knowledgeable, friendly and articulate, Gary imparts good advice in understandable terms and demonstrates how to achieve results, has made me feel more confident in handling our pup's separation anxiety and behaviour issues


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