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Gary Roberts is a “Master trainer” with “The Guild of Dog Trainers”.

Gary has helped 100’s of dogs and owners. Read More…

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Lots of dog owners find themselves with very similar issues, here we have a list of the most common questions asked. Read More…

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Does your dog have any of the following behaviour problems?

Gary Roberts is a Master trainer and behaviour expert registered with The Guild of Dog Trainers. Based in Cornwall Gary has helped numerous dogs and owners with all types of problems from aggression to separation anxiety. Whether your dog needs socialising, training or has aggression issues Gary will put your mind at ease and set about dealing with any issue. Read More...

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Most experienced dog owners are familiar with common dog behaviour problems, but some may wonder why dogs exhibit these behaviours. Barking, biting, chewing and many other common dog behaviours are often misunderstood and mishandled by dog owners.

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